Sour cherry - Nõmme liivakirss

Sour cherry · Nõmme liivakirss

‘Nõmme Liivakirss’ is supposed to be an Estonian landrace. By an earlier opinion, it is originated from Germany; however, nobody can say the name of the cultivar.

Ripens late.

Cherry is rather small, round shaped. The skin is light red. The flesh is pinkish yellow, soft, juicy, sour and sweet. The juice is colourless. The stone is easily separated from the flesh.

Tree is medium vigorous, round shaped. The good bearer, self-fertile. Winter hardy. Disease resistance is medium.

  • Sour cherry (Prunus cerasus L.)
  • Estonian cultivar
  • Recommended for home use (H)
  • Accession present in Polli Horticultural Research Centre
  • Year of planting:1992

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