Plum - Liisu

Plum · Liisu

‘Liisu’ is bred at the Polli Horticultural Research Centre by Arthur and Eevi Jaama. The cross ‘Liivi Kollane Munaploom’ × ‘Suhkruploom’ was made in 1965. Variety is protected since 22.03.2004.

Ripens early.

Plum is large, oval, skin purple. The flesh is yellow, medium firm, juicy, sweet and sour, very tasty, freestone.

Tree is medium vigorous, with an upright crown, a good bearer, self-unfertile. Pollinizers are ‘Duke of Edinburgh’ and ‘Emma Leppermann’. Medium winter hardy. Disease resistance is medium.

  • Plum (Prunus L.)
  • Estonian cultivar
  • Recommended for home and commercial use (HC)
  • Accession present in Polli Horticultural Research Centre
  • Year of planting:2002

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