Apple - Suislepp

Apple · Suislepp

‘Suislepp’ is a landrace and it was formed in the 18th century. It is supposed that the original tree grew in the Suislepa landed estate in Southern Estonia.

Summer season cultivar: consumption period lasts from the end of August up to October. Fruit is medium, globose, with five low ribs. The skin is yellowish white, overspread partly with red spots. The fl esh is white, with pink stripes, subacid. Rather susceptible to scab and brown rot.

Tree is vigorous, round-topped, medium productive. The shoots grow at a sharp angle from the stem and they have brittle, easily breaking limbs.

Winter hardiness is intermediate.

  • Apple (Malus domestica Borkh.)
  • Estonian cultivar
  • Early-season cultivar
  • Recommended for home use (H)
  • Accession present in Polli Horticultural Research Centre
  • Year of planting:2003
  • Accession no: EST1984
  • Accession data in SESTO

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