Apple - Tellissaare

Apple · Tellissaare

‘Tellissaare’ is bred by Jaan Tellisaar in the village of Pilistvere in the Viljandi county approximately in 1920s and it was started to propagate in the 1930s.

Winter season cultivar: consumption from December to April, or longer.

Fruit is of medium size, fl at globose or globose. The skin is greenish yellow, overcolour is absent or spread with light red blush. The flesh is greenish white, fi rm, subacid. The taste is mediocre. A table apple. Medium susceptibility to apple scab.

Tree is vigorous, dense, round-topped, precocious, a good bearer. Winter hardiness is good.

  • Apple (Malus domestica Borkh.)
  • Estonian cultivar
  • Late-season cultivar
  • Recommended for home use (H)
  • Accession present in Polli Horticultural Research Centre
  • Accession no: EST2263
  • Accession data in SESTO

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